Tuesday, June 01, 2004

such a procrastinator..

so in order to get my 3.8 that i want...this is what i have to memorize and study by tonight!..

ENGLISH crap..

Metaphysical Test.

1. What is the message of “Holy Sonnet 10”?
a. Death can never triumph because faith grants eternal life.

2. Holy sonnet 10 can be considered a metaphysical conceit because
a. An idea is debated by likening it to an arrogant but finally powerless tyrant.
3. What is seemingly contradictory phrase” death, thou shalt die” actually true within the context of “holy sonnet 10”
a. After death, a Christian awakes to eternal life.

4. Which of the following pairs are the subjects of John Donne’s Song?
a. Love and death

5. in John Donne’s song, the lines “Yesternight the sun went hence, and yet is here today are an example of a
a. paradox

6. which of the following is the best interpretation of these lines from John Donne’s “song” when thou wep`st, unkindly kind, my life’s blood doth decay
a. You cry because you love me but your tears make me suffer.

7. which of the following excerpts from “ A valediction: Forbidding mourning “ is the best example of a metaphysical conceit”
a. If they be two, they are two so, as stiff twin compasses are two, they soul the fixed foot, makes me show, but doth, if Th`other do.”

8. In “A valediction” forbidding mourning” what do you recognize to be the speaker’s motivation in the following lines? “Our two souls therefore, which are one, though I must go, endure not yet, a breach, but an expansion.
a. To assure his beloved that the distance will make their love grow.

9. what can you infer from these final lines of the compass comparison that ends “ a valediction: forbidding mourning” thy firmness makes my circle just and makes me end where I begun
a. The speaker and his lover are bound, though they may be apart.

10. in “mediation 17” god is presented as being analogous to
a. a publisher

11. Which of the following excerpts from “mediation 17” expresses the major theme of the poem?
a. “Any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind...”

12. In “mediation 7” what is meant by the statement “when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language...”
a. When we die, we do not cease to exist but instead achieve eternal life.

13. what conclusion can you draw about the speaker’s motive for writing “meditation 17”
a. The speaker wants to convey the importance of suffering a death in the spiritual experience.

14. According to the argument Donne puts forth in “Mediation 17”, how can one be affected by another’s death?
a. Human beings are necessarily involved with one another.

15. What is the theme of “on my first son”?
a. The depth of a child.

16. What is the speaker expressing in these lines from “on my first son”?
…For why/will man lament the state he should envy? To have so soon scaped world’s and flesh’s rage and if no other misery, yet age?
a. Confusion and anger about the value of life.

17. In “on my first son” what is the “best piece of poetry” referred to in the lines...”say here doth lie/ben jonson his best piece of poetry”?
a. Johnson’s son

18. an epigram is characterized by
a. Permanence, brevity, clarity & wit.

19. Which of the following epitaphs can be considered epigrammatic?
a. First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen

20. the theme of “song” to Celia is the
a. Sensuous pleasures of love.

21. Johnson’s probable purpose in writing “song to Celia” was to
a. Depict an amorous courtship.

22. which of the following best describes the speaker’s view of Celia in “song to Celia”
a. Idealistic.

23. What is the speaker saying in the following passage?
Or leave a kiss but in the cup, and I’ll not look for wine. The thirst that from the soul doth rise, doth ask a drink divine, but might I of Jove’s nectar sup, I would not change for thine.
a. He would not trade the kiss his lady left in the cup for the nectar of Jove.

24. The thirst that the speaker refers to in the passage “ the thirst that from the soul soth rise, form “song: to Cecilia” is
a. His desire for his lady’s love.

25. What is the speaker saying in the following excerpt?
I sent thee late a rosy wreath not so much honoring thee, as giving it a hope that there it could not withered be, but thou thereon didst only breathe, and sends it back to me, since when it grows and smells, I swear not of itself, but thee
A. he thinks the wreath has acquired some of his lady’s characteristics
26. What can you hypothesize about the speaker in “song to Celia?”
He unrealistically idealizes his lady.
27. what might you hypothesize about the speaker in this excerpt from “still to be neat”
Still to be powdered, still perfumed, lady it is to be presumed, though art’s hid causes are not found, all is not sweet, all is not sound
a. He probably prefers a more natural appearance.

28. “still to be neat’ can be considered epigrammatic because it
a. Expresses an idea in a memorable fashion.

29. which of the following lines from “to his coy mistress” best expresses the carpe diem theme
a. “Thus, though we cannot make our sun, stand still, yet we will make him run.”

30. in “to his coy mistress,” to what does Marvell allude in the line” time’s winged chariot hurrying near”
a. the approach of death

31. In to his coy mistress, the lines the grave’s a fine and private place, but none I think do there embrace, are an expression of which attitude toward death?
a. Acceptance of death’s inevitability but disbelief in any comfort of eternal life.

32. At times, the speaker in “to his coy mistress” displays tongue-in-cheek humor. Which of these lines best shows that humor
a. The grave’s a fine and private place, but none I think do there embrace.

33. which of the following lines from “to the virgins, to make much of time” best expresses the carpe diem theme
a. Then be not coy, but use your time...”

34. What does the flower symbolize in these lines from “to the virgins, to make much of time”? And this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying.
a. The length of human life.

35. What is the theme of sir john suckling’s song?
a. Don’t’ waste your time on an unrequited love.

36 .in the poem “song,” the attitude of the speaker toward his subject can best be described as
a. Mildly rebuking.

37. Which of the following lines from “song” is the best expression of the carpe diem theme?
b. Quit, quit, for shame this will not move, this cannot take her.

38. Which word best expresses the speaker’s attitude in these lines from “song” if of herself she will not love, nothing can make her, the devil take her!
a. impatience

39. What is the theme of this excerpt from paradise lost?
a. Good and evil

40. milton’s epic poem paradise lost expresses values of seventieth-century Christian England in that is reflects a prevalent belief in
a. heaven and hell

41. the lines “with loss of Eden, till one greater man, restore us, and regain the blissful seat” from paradise lost allude to the
a. Coming of Christ.

42. Which of the following lines referring to Satan in paradise lost best expresses the conflict between Satan and god?
a. He trusted to have equaled the most high

43. by combing Hebrew and classical (Greek and roman) elements in paradise lost, Milton conveys the message that
a. Christian values are superior to Hebrew and classical values.

44. which meaning does the line” drink to me only with thine eyes” expresses
a. Use just your eyes to drink to me.

45. What does the word coy mean?
a. Slow to make a commitment


1. in the story from guilliver’s travels of how the dispute arose between the big-endians and the little-endians, the chief objects of swift’s satire are
a. Triviality and pettiness.

2. in “a voyage to Lilliputian,” from guilliver’s travel, what is swift implying when he quotes the Lilliputian official’s description of blefuscu as “the other great empire of the universe”
a. that Britain has a narrow view of the world

3. the fact that Gulliver apologizes to the readers in Gulliver’s travels for the king of brobdingang’s narrow-mindedness shows that Gulliver is
a. narrow-minded himself

4. in guilliver’s travels, when the king of brobdingang tells guillvers he “knew no reason why those who entertain opinion prejudicial to the public should be obliged to change or should not be obliged to conceal them” swift is actually satirizing
a. The hypocrisy of the right to freedom of speech.

5. Gulliver’s stories about his country’s greatness in Gulliver’s travels convince the king of brobdingang that the English as a group are
a. Hateful vermin.

6. according to the king of bobdingang in guilliver’s travels, the qualifications necessary to be an English legislator are
a. Ignorance, idleness and vice.
7. in contrast to Gulliver’s likely view of similar elements in Lilliputian society in guilliver’s travels, the king of bobdinang views
a. British weapons as dangerous.

8. What theme do “a voyage to Lilliputian” and a voyage to bobdingang, in Gulliver’s travels together convey?
a. People tend to think than their own disputes are more important than those of others

9. a central idea of this excerpt from an essay to man is that human beings
a. have many powers but also many weaknesses

10. pope’s images in this excerpt from an essay on man suggest the view that intellect and emotion are
a. strongly opposing

11. when pope refers to a “middle state” in an essay on man he is referring most likely to a state between
a. god and animal
12. Which of the following is a characteristic of a true epic reflected in the rape of the lock?
a. An elevated style.

13. in the rape of the lock, Belinda’s cards are the mock-epic substitute for
a. soldiers

14. What activity is pope most likely referring to in these lines from the rape of the lock? A third interprets motions, looks, and eyes, at every word a reputation dies
a. Slanderous gossip.

15. Alexander pope’s purpose for writing the rape of the lock was to
a. Poke fun at the spoiled upper classes

16. a central theme of the rape of the lock is
a. pettiness of the nobility

17. in the rape of the lock, when the Barron cries out that the glorious prize is his, he refers to
a. the hairs he has snipped from Belinda’s head

18. which of the following best describes the overall feeling that pope meant to convey in the rape of the lock
a. Affectingly mocking.

19. if a person is habituated to certain sitatuation, he or she
a. is used to the situation

20. if a person conjectures about the weather he or she is
a. guessing
21. Which of the following words is closest in meaning schism?
a. Division

22. In which of the following sentences could you use between to fill in the blank?
a. There was a special BOND swift and the members of the scribeluers club

23. Which phrase has nearly the same meaning as stoic?
a. Steadfastly emotionless.

24. the word plebeian relates to
a. The lower class.

British romanticism

1. a central idea of the “the lamb is the
a. kindness of the creator
2. which word best describes the mood of the illustration accompanying “the lamb”
a. serene

3. in Blake’s poem, the tiger, the forests of the night most clearly suggest the
a. Chaos and confusion of living.

4. a central image of the tiger is
a. fierce power

5. In these lines from the tiger, what is Blake most likely suggesting that overcame the stars? The stars threw down their spears, and water heaven with their tears
a. Sadness.

6. who is describing the action in infant sorrow
a. a newborn infant

7. what might he swaddling bands describes in infant sorrow represent
a. confinement

8. in the chimney sweeper, the coffins of black are meant to be symbols for
a. death

9. in the chimney sweeper, the green plain and the clouds, most clearly suggest
a. heaven or paradise

10. which word best describes the attitude of tom dacre in the chimney sweeper
a. optimistic

11. which phrase best summarizes the predominant theme of lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey
a. The renewing and uplifting power of nature.

12. in lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey, wordworth describes his second visit to as more
a. reflective than the first.

13. lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey, is a poem that celebrates the power of
a. memory

14. which sentence best describes the meaning of these words from lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey I cannot paint, what then I was
a. I cannot describe what I was like when I was young.

15. lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey, is easy to recognize as a romantic poem because it
a. describes the narrator’s emotions about a landscape

16. what is wrodswroth main subject in the world is too much with us?
a. The frenzied quest of wealth
17. Mary Wollstonecraft’s a vindication of the rights of woman might be subtitled
a. a pea for better education for women.

18. which line from a vindication of the rights of woman conveys the essay’s main theme?
a. Women. ought to cherish a nobler ambition, and by their abilities and virtues exact respect.

19. one of the main points in a vindication of the rights of woman is that woman should be
a. respected, but simply admired

20. at the time Jane Austen and Mary Wollstonecraft were writing, a women’s education tended to focus mainly on
a. lady like accomplishments.

21. which word is the closest in the meaning to aspire
a. strive

22. which praise is the closest in meaning sinews
a. muscular power.

23. what does the word confounded mean?
a. Confused or bewildered

24. a person who behaves with solicitude is being
a. thoughtful

25. a amiable person is
a. Friendly.

It could be said that the use of conceits and paradoxes is particularly appropriate to religious writings and to love poetry. Write a 4-6 paragraph essay giving general definitions of conceits and paradoxes and explain why you think their use is appropriate to these two forms of writing. Support your idea’s with examples from the words of john donne.

Conceit is extended comparisons that link objects or ideas not commonly associated, often mixing abstract ideas and emotional matters. In one of his poems, for example, Donne compares two lovers to the two legs of a drawing compass.

Meditation 17- god is a publisher..our life is like a book…he is the creator…

An example would be a valediction-forbidding mourning-love is like a compass, still attached in the center when I move the other moves, when I leave they both leave, when other comes back the other greets other beings and ends together..

Paradoxes are images or descriptions that appear self-contradictory but that reveal a deeper truth. Donne use a paradox in holy sonnet 10 when he writes “death, thou shalt die”

A example of a paradox would be in the poem “song” – when thou weep’st, unkindly kind- ..you know that I’m leaving but unkind she is doubting his love…
Another paradox would be in a valediction-forbidding mourning- “ and makes me end where I begun”

An example of a paradox would be from holy sonnet 10-“ death, thou shalt die” death is inevitable, you don’t decide who goes, good or bad death cannot exsist there it no death dean can’t control..

Jonathan swift was a man who had little tolerance for fanaticism of any kind. He disliked the human tendencies toward selfishness and pride, but he maintained lifelong admiration for the attributes of individual human beings. Write an essay that shows how swift’s satire in both of the selection of guilliver’s travels illustrates his impatience with human folly and his admiration for the individual spirit.

Dispute of cracking an egg shell which led the war between the British and England swift satires the little thing in life we argue about which turns into a unnecessary battle.

Blake was ignored in his own time and only came to be appreciated for his creativity over a century after his death. One twentieth-century critic has said that Blake was ignored in his own time because of the complexity of his vision. This critic has said that Blake’s thinking and poetry frequently combine the “opposite sides” of the same argument. Write an essay in which you relate the critic’s statement to Blake’s poems “the lamb” and the tiger. What are the opposite dies, that Blake expresses or describes in these two poems? What symbols does he use to descrier these oppositions? Include evidence from the poems to support your points.

In the lamb-lamb represents goodness, and the central ideal was the creator makes good and evil. Creator was ideal. He was god. The mood was serene. One of the symbols that was said in the poem was softest clothing wooly bright

The tiger was the evil side, living area around, forest of the darkness..central was that the tiger has power. A symbol could be “burnt the fire of thine eyes”

In an essay, discuss blake’s social commentary in poem “ the chimney sweeper” identify the social issue balke is addressing, and then analyze how blake uses the poem to touch upon the issue. What message does the poem contain? Cite the details from the poem to support your interpretation.

The story is coming from a first person point of view, and he was sold by his father. The child telling the story is a lower class and is always dirty from child labor. Another boy who’s head was shaved cried but was reassured by the child telling the story that at least you’re hair won’t get dirty. He makes the best of everything. The other sweepers that were young died because of the dirt they had to deal with.” Were all of them lock’d up in coffins of black.” They dead children went to heaven, and the angels from then out of there coffin and they got to play and they had something to look forward to. “ and the angel told tom if he’d be a good boy, he’d have god for his father and never want joy” do the rules and you will be rewarded, god will reward them, only hope is to die and go to heaven.

ahh crap..WISH ME LUCK! gonna study all this tonight!...ahh..so good time wiht the family..me and my cuz's girl bonded a bit..fixed up my cotillion dresss..and la la la la..gave me more motivation to be a pediatric nurse...good food...GO LAKRES! whoo..

gonne be one long night..this better get into my BRAIN DAMNIT!...

sherry when are you gonna come over this week?

-Always be THANKFUL
Everything in your life happens for a reason. Live your life to the fullest with NO REGRETS-
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Both men and women can have the difficulties of keeping their wardrobe up-to-date and in season, yet men's style often seems a lot simpler. Of program, for both genders, costumes and style choices can be quite as delicate, and there are several'modern'items that could easily become fashion faux pas - who can say they often see people walking on in 70s flares? On the other hand, men's style features a few choice things that will exist forever - which man is likely to keep an eye out of position with a good-quality, tailored suit, for example? Select classic cuts, colours and materials and you'll never seem out-of-place.

Why basic men's style is amazing

The traditional man's suit has hardly changed for over a hundred years. True, there are numerous options for various situations, but they are all common in their quest for a clever, sharp try to find the wearer. The great thing about common fashion for men is that it's effectively fashionable effectively neat. A well-groomed man will more often than not appear his sharpest in a well-tailored suit, and this can be a testament to the design of such apparel. A suit will undoubtedly be used to work in many jobs due to the professional look it offers to the wearer, instilling a feeling of respect and trust. Similarly a suit will be used to many social functions, such as a tuxedo to a black-tie event. This extraordinary flexibility that allows matches to be worn in nearly all occasions is what gives it its amazing edge and a lasting place in men's fashion.

Contemporary movements in classic men's fashion

Though basic men's styles can never be replaced, it is interesting to remember that changes in men's fashion trends have produced certain common clothes back to fashion. The popularity of vintage clothing, particularly, has taken back a wide-variety of common types into men's closets, such as that of the dandy man. 'Dandy'is a term used to make reference to men who dress yourself in a classic yet extravagant way, operating in a polished method and placing importance on appearance. This trend for nearly'over-the-top'traditional fashion for men is apparent from events like the'Tweed Run', where men and girls of all ages dress yourself in especially Victorian-style outfit and take to the roads on vintage bikes - with lots of the men sporting impeccable mustaches! This is only one of many examples of data presenting the resurgence of such styles. Additionally, there are numerous sites on line which give attention to gentlemanly type - such as'The Dandy Project'and'Dandyism'- as well as whole sites such as'The Art of Manliness'dedicated to giving articles on basic men's fashion and grooming.

In conclusion, although specific facets of basic men's fashion could be brought back as new styles, the simple outfits which they are derived from will never fall out of fashion.

"All it requires really are a few simple garments. And there is one key - the easier the better." - Cary Grant

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